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Simone Smelt

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Driven by aesthetic, poetic and visual concepts. 


Fascinated by aesthetics and the human imagination, Simone Smelt combines dark and endless imaginative concepts with minimal aestetics.

Simone Smelt recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, her two graduation projects "speculum" and "30x30" were presented at the Dutch Design Week October 2017. 

Simone Smelt often creates a poetic visual concept followed up by playing with materials and colors to unveil the concept and create a fitting feeling.

Focussing on dynamic and transformable objects to create a sustainable solution to boredom; dynamic design can be an ever surprising journey.


Simone Smelt works in the fields of:

- Art Direction
- Product Design
- Trend forecasting
- Graphic Design
- Photography
- Trend Analysis
- Concepting
- Color & Material Design
- Short film making
- Interior Design






Art = Artis - Artis Amsterdam Zoo (Micropia): Eighteen young Amsterdam artists have been inspired by Artis. Their work will be in the zoo from 20 April. 

Generation 2018 - by MOAM - NewWerkTheater, Oostenburgergracht 75, 1018 NC Amsterdam Thursday 15th of February, 18:00 - 21:00.


Dutch Design Week 2017 - Graduation Show Design Academy (SPECULUM) 21/29 Oct. 2017

Dutch Design Week 2017 - Hallenweg 5 Eindhoven (30X30) 21/29 Oct. 2017

Concrete Art  - Exhibition Den Haag / Binnenhof (30X30)


Presentation at Packt Fair - Future proof packaging 2015 organised by the DPA (Dutch Packaging Association).


Morse Expo - Dutch Design Week 2014


Teapot Expo - Dutch Design Week 2012

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Studio Eindhoven:
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